Today is a time of great change.  Technology is advancing rapidly; governments seem more concerned with the economy than those in need. The unemployed, the homeless, the poor and the alienated are relatively low on the priority list of Australian Society.


As a result of this we are moved as Christians to share our faith in Jesus Christ on the streets, amongst the people in our culture who are often rejected  by Australian society ie. those who are poor, homeless, unemployed, socially and ethnically disadvantaged  and find the fringes of our society a more acceptable place to be or live.


It is the purpose of the Community to develop a Christ centred, loving and accepting Christian community that provides a family environment for Christians from the street culture who may feel culturally alienated from society and church life in general. As a result of this fellowship we resolve to live lives as faithful servants of Christ within the street culture in an effort to point people to a saving and personal relationship with Him and act as a stepping stone into the wider Christian church and society in general.