Relationship evangelism is the cornerstone of Street Level’s outreach into the fringes of society. Many of the people we meet on the street s and in the biker community are either not interested or have been Bible bashed to death and don’t want to hear the Christian message.

Over many years we have worked to make friends with those alienated from society and the message of the Christian Church. We have found that the God stuff comes up quite naturally in that way and has led to many coming to Christ over the years and then finding a place in one of the many Christian expressions in Australia.

We have been also able to establish cultural events that allow us to give out Bibles and speak publicly of our faith in Christ. The Silverwater Street and Custom Motorcycle Show is a motorcycling example of this. Bikers coming to the event know what they are coming to and either listen to us or at least tolerate our Christian message.

The launch of Homeless Persons Week in Parramatta is an event that is planned and run by the Parramatta Street Youth Project and incorporates an outreach youth service conducted by Anglicare.