Brotherhood CMC

Brotherhood CMC had its origins in the north western suburbs of Sydney back in 1977. A Christian biker by the name of Bruce Sanders had an idea for a Christian motorcycle club based on his church mates who rode and others that he knew of. Starting off with a Bible study at his home in North Ryde, the group moved soon to use a hall at the Anglican Church at Denistone East. Numbers attending grew quickly and we started going on rides together.

 Almost by accident we ran into one of Sydney’s outlaw clubs and even got to go on a few rides with them. They seemed intrigued by Christians who rode and asked lots of questions. It didn’t take us long to realize that God may have a place for us to share our faith in Jesus Christ with other motorcyclists. Not that being Christians in the biker scene came easily. There were lots of difficulties and challenges to face in our own lives and from within the motorcycle community. We did our best but were not always handling things in a way that Christians should.

Over time those of us who stayed active as Christians in the bike scene learned heaps about developing authentic Christian lives as part of a well established motorcycle community. To the surprise of many Brotherhood CMC has also developed a wide ranging body of work in evangelism, advocacy and welfare action within the motorcycle community and on the streets of western Sydney over a long period of time. Summed up recently by rock star and Federal MP Peter Garrett when a few years ago he  heard of the club’s continuing activity:

‘I have known Greg Hirst and the Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club for many years. In fact the Oils (Midnight Oil) were very pleased to do a good benefit concert for them some way down the track. Now luckily they are still going strong and doing great work with the people that don’t get any help at all-street people- and of course the with the motorcycle community too.’ 20 April, 2005.