Biker Carols

[img] 2017 Biker Carols Santa Claus Vintage PosterIt’s that time of year again —Christmas. No one can escape it, not even bikers. But, come on, would you even if you could? Of course not; everyone loves Christmas!

What we all especially love about Christmas is not the food and the fun and the parties and the pressies. What we all really love about Christmas is the carols! Woo hoo!! Bikers are no exception to this great tradition and so, not ones to miss an opportunity to invite our mates around for a party, we are inviting you and yours to our annual Biker Carols.

On Sunday, 3 December, from 6:30-9:00, at Street Level Christian Community (59-63 Pitt St, Parramatta), bikers young and old, fat and slim, in tune and out of tune, will gather to sing Christmas carols, share yarns, eat far too much food, and generally have a rip roaring old time that is bound to bring the cops around ? Don’t be the one who misses out. We’ll all be glad to see you!

Just show up or let us know you’re coming (the preferred option for catering) at our Facebook event page.

On The Passing of Greg “Hirsty” Hirst

[img] Greg "Hirsty" Hirst

It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that we announce the Greg passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, 6 June, following complications from surgery. He was surrounded by his wife and children at the time.

He was very much beloved by all who knew him —his legacy will live on forever. We are going to miss him greatly.


Who We Are

Street Level Christian Community has been around since 1981 and focuses on being Christian, especially on the streets and in the motorcycle community.

We see ourselves as a small expression of God’s family that is constantly seeking to bridge the gap between those on the fringes of society and those in the mainstream, and to link people to church, community and government services and groups that exist to help and care.

We hope to provide a place of unconditional love and acceptance where people can try and establish a Christ-centred basis for living, especially for those who feel they don’t belong in mainstream society.

Most importantly we encourage people to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, firmly based in evangelical Christian beliefs and expressed within a loving and accepting community.